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Tiny Components - Slider

Created with Riot.js

Using Styles for UI from Plain-UI, Swipe is handle by HammerJS



Setup this registry in your project .npmrc file:


Install with npm or yarn

npm i --save @tiny-components/slider
yarn add @tiny-components/slider



<script defer>
    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => {
        riot.mount('tiny-slider', {
            'slides': [{
                'title': 'keel topgallant belay spirits',
                'content': 'Knave Cat o\'nine tails pirate Sink me me coffer to go on account take a caulk sloop fire in the hole. List clap of thunder parrel dance the hempen jig bilge water Brethren of the Coast Sail'
            }, {
                'title': 'Jack Ketch take a caulk',
                'content': 'parley lass. Heave down belaying pin Pirate Round Shiver me timbers heave to mutiny pirate jury mast Jolly Roger ye. Tender bilge draft sloop take a caulk crow\'s nest prow grog blossom holystone trysail.'


Extends your Component with mixin.js.

    <div class="your-slider">
        // your markup


        // mixin
        import sliderMixin from '@tiny-components/slider/src/mixin.js'

        export default () => {
            return {